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Awesome Kids Martial Arts Classes in Milford and Loveland Teach Life Skills!

Our youngest martial arts class program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.


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Championship Martial Arts Academy

3-5 Yrs

Little Eagles

Little Eagles: A wonderful first step into a the journey of a lifetime!

The Little Eagles Program is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving preschool age children’s basic motor and listening skills. These skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious towards the future.  We believe the time between the ages 3 and 5 are the most important years of a child’s development.  Our program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.

Positive social interactions with other children

The Little Eagles program will also prepare your child for our children’s martial arts program.  In the Little Eagles classes, your child will be exposed to positive social interaction.  They will learn how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors.  Our Little Eagles instructors are good role models who are trained specifically to work with preschool aged children.

Their Own Belt System

The program is also designed to help each child understand how belt progression works. This is done with a specially designed belt system that starts with the traditional white belt and progresses to a traditional gold belt.  There are several belts in-between which are white with a colored stripe. Once the child progresses through the belts from white to gold, s/he will have the knowledge and maturity to effectively participate in our traditional Tae Kwon Do program for children, TKD Junior.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a martial art that emphasizes the use of the longer reach and strength of the legs. Proper striking with the legs greatly decreases the chance of being counter-struck. For more information see our Tae Kwon Do page.

Championship Martial Arts Academy is located in Miami Township, Ohio. We encourage you to call ahead for a free lesson and introductory pricing.

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"My son was welcomed with open arms from another karate discipline by the instructors and members. Best place for martial arts training in the Goshen/Milford area."